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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

by Michael Kropp

PNW fungicide and herbicide training and education sessions underway

All, this is the time of year that distribution has end user meetings to train and educate. This starts in the Pacific Northwest, and finishes in Nor Cal.

Some highlights so far from the month of January.

The distribution partners that have had meetings include Simplot, Helena, (Thanks Jen for helping with these meetings – sounds like they went very well), and Wilbur-Ellis. Some cities doing educational talks and sales calls were Spokane, Pasco, Richland, Seattle, Wenatchee, Portland, Bellingham, and Oregon City. I always look forward to talking to these groups from all around the PNW. I was able to train LCO’s, golf superintendents, vegetation management specialists, greenhouse managers, and nursery growers.

This year we were able to educate our customers on Intrinsic™ branded fungicides, Insignia® SC and Honor®; our newer total release products, Mozart® TR fungicide and Beethoven® TR miticide/insecticide; as well as our superior line of herbicides including Pendulum® AquaCap™ for mulched areas. If I can train every person I talk to about how good Pendulum AquaCap is for all types of mulched areas, I feel they will be a BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals customer for a long time.

New granular Pillar™ G fungicide suits LCO market needs

The LCO markets really seem to find the convenience of our new granular fungicide Pillar™ G to be something they will incorporate into their programs. The ease of use when conditions do not allow for sprays, spot spreading, and small package size seem to be the features that they gravitate to the markets.

We also had a chance to educate the customers on the top 6 insect pests in the PNW, very well received. It is always good to educate, rather than just talk at the customers and regurgitate product knowledge. It is much better to educate, and use product knowledge to solve problems and address needs.

BASF provides great pre- and post-emergent herbicide strategies

I am always amazed that we get the most questions about how and what we recommend for a great pre-emergent strategy. This is from long time turf managers, nursery managers, and new customers in the market. We offer a great post and pre herbicide strategy for all our customers.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

Michael Kropp


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Michael Kropp is a senior sales specialist for BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals and is based in Sacramento, Calif.

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